Question 1: What is Angie’s Spa?

Answer 1: Angie’s Spa is a 501(c)(3) charitable, cancer foundation, that raises money through private donations, to fund grants to cancer centers nationwide. Angie’s Spa is not an actual, retail spa with one specific location. Angie’s Spa is the funding organization of grants that provide beneficial, FREE, therapeutic services to cancer patients currently at 8 select cancer centers.

Question 2: Who can receive FREE therapeutic services from Angie’s Spa?

Answer 2: Men, women, and children undergoing active treatment(chemotherapy, radiation, invasive surgery) at the 8 currently funded cancer centers are eligible to receive the free services.

Question 3: Where do donations to Angie’s Spa go?

Answer 3: All donations go directly to grants awarded to the funded cancer centers to pay the professionally trained oncology therapists. These paid therapists, which include acupuncturists and massage therapists, provide the services to cancer patients for free.

Having the entire board and management staff of Angie’s Spa serve in unpaid positions, enables 100% of dollars raised for Angie’s Spa go toward patient care.

Question 4: Where are the cancer centers that are currently funded by Angie’s Spa?

Answer 4: See What We Do for program descriptions and locations.