Volunteer Opportunities

Angie’s Spa needs help and are seeking volunteers!


Angie’s Spa is a small organization whose team works at home from different parts of the country.  We are a model of efficiency communicating largely via email.  You can work on your own time from wherever you are, the benefit of today’s technology.   If you have a special interest or talent and you want to help ease the pain and stress of cancer patients and contribute to bringing a new awareness to medical treatment needs today, then please consider joining us. We could use help in just about any area. Some specifics are as follows:

  1. Website – Keep our website up to date. WordPress or other Content Management System knowledge is helpful.
  2. Fundraising – Organize and hold fundraisers or look for partnerships to raise money.
  3. Event Planning – Work with fundraisers to stage events
  4. Publicity – Write articles for media and issue press releases
  5. Marketing
  6. Grant Writer – Find and write grants
  7. Social Media Marketing & Account Management –  Any or all of the following tasks:
    • Manage a social media presence on a variety of networking sites to include: Facebook, Twitter, Flckr, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other relevant social media platforms.
    • Create and maintain content calendar and copy for social media platforms
    • Ensure Consistent messaging/branding across all social media channels
    • Manage fans and followers, responding to comments/messages as needed
    • Recommend and set up social media apps and promotions to grow social media community
    • Engage with fans, groups, and key influencers to cultivate online and offline relationships
    • Draft, mamage and publish relevant content, images,links, and files
    • Provide recommendations of social media trends, services, campaign insights, data, and feedback
  8. Community Liaisons-  Bring awareness to the communities where we have funded programs.

If any of the above interest you, please fill out the form below to contact us. If any issues, please reach out to us directly. Thank you!